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Sue Black

Hiring the Right Person

When considering who you might hire to speak with your students, parents, and staff about bullying prevention:

  • Know what the presenter will say and how that will be communicated.

  • Does your presenter communicate clearly a message of bullying prevention that is consistent with your school and district policies?

  • Do the presenter's message, vocabulary, strategies, interventions, and philosophy match yours so that your students are receiving a consistent message?

  • What will your students remember days, weeks, and months later?

  • What can your teachers incorporate into the curriculum after the presenter is gone?

  • Know that effective bullying prevention is long-term, consistent, and integrates the committed efforts of individuals, classrooms, schools, communities, and parents. A single workshop or storytelling assembly is not the 'cure', but can be – when hiring the right person – a uniquely effective component in your bullying prevention program.



Partial funding may be available through the Illinois Art Council and the Arts-In-Education program.
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